"Pigs just want to have fun, but on British farms there's no fun. Here baby piglets suffer painful mutilations which can mean cutting off their tails or cutting out their back teeth, without anaesthetic. Almost all British piglets suffer some form of mutilation to keep the factory farmers in business. Shocked? We should be. Make your voice heard and do your bit to end their suffering. go vegan! It's good for them, and it's good for you. Increase de peace."
- Benjamin Zephaniah


You think we Brits have the highest animal welfare standards in the world? Poppycock and balderdash! I’ve discovered things on pig farms so shocking they make me jolly well ashamed. Watch my video to discover the shocking truth.

Almost all pigs raised for meat in Britain are factory farmed indoors in overcrowded, ill-lit, filthy conditions that cause extreme discomfort and stress to these intelligent animals.

Every time they give birth, most breeding pigs spend a month or more in a metal farrowing crate so small they can barely move.

Contrary to the image painted by the British pig industry and the Government, most pigs never see any bedding and spend their lives on dirty, wet concrete. Unsurprisingly, diseases are rife and so is the use of drugs and antibiotics.


Piggles in action

Click here for more about Piggles and his exploits to end the suffering of Britain's pigs.


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